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our support to the working professionals too. We offer engaging, interactive, and flexible online solutions so participants can remotely access our top of the range learning and development opportunities, taught by our expert consultants in the industry. 


With the vast and in-depth coverage of the Oil & Gas and Petroleum Industry, it is essential that International Codes and Standards are in place to preserve uniform operational practices across all organizations worldwide. In line with this, many international organizations have published several inspection codes and standards. For Oil & Gas professionals to remain abreast in the innovations in technology and with the new & revised inspection methodologies and best practices, Embriture is pleased to offer API Inspection Codes training courses, that focuses on the understanding of the code objectives, intents, stated and implied requirements.


The training courses also aim to impart the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare the participants before taking the required examinations and certifications. Our suite of International Codes and Standards training courses mainly include: 


  1. API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Code
  2. API 570 Piping Inspection Code
  3. API 653 Tank Inspection Code

In addition to the training services, we also fill, submit test applications and book test appointments on behalf of the participants right after the completion of our training course. 


In collaboration with our training partners in India, we offer the following certification courses for professionals working in the IT sector:
  • Artificial Intelligence Analyst
  • Big Data Architecture Training
  • Clean Coding Training Module
  • Devops Training Module
  • Data Visualisation Training Module
  • Java Fundamentals Training
  • Python Training 
  • Watson Studio Training
  • Artificial  Intelligence Practitioners Course
  • Cloud Computing Practitioners Course
  • Data Science Practitioners Course
  • Internet of  Things Practitioners Course
  • Design Thinking Practitioners Course

We deliver engaging, innovative, and experiential training programs that strategically align with your career goals. Get tailored with our skilled and capable professionals with more than ten years of experience in this field. We are passionate about what we do and our excellent training services will empower individuals as well as teams, to get better at what they do. Our world-class training and certified courses will uplift your career to the next level. We offer flexible timing schedules and training procedures depending upon your convenience.