We understand the importance of selecting the right career and the impact it has on your future. It is a daunting task to narrow down to your perfect choice of career, like looking for a needle in a haystack. Hence, it is extremely vital to take out time, resource, and effort to make the right decision regarding your career. We at Embriture simplify the process by offering a free career guidance programme, which helps the student identify their strengths, choose the right course, and stream, and commence their academic journey after completing high school.

Through our comprehensive program, students will obtain step-by-step guidance on career planning, university admissions and more. An analysis with a meticulous study is made on the applicant’s academic background and professional experience (if any), current interest, and long-term goal. Our team of experts will verify all the documents required for university admission.

Personalized career counselling will be scheduled, and each student is given a customized timeline with a planning process, leading up to university admission. In this world where graduates are growing at an extremely high pace, highest educational qualification is essential to stand out among them. Hence, selecting the best university and your dream course is a life changing decision. Embriture provides you with the list of universities in our portfolio offering your dream course. Students should not only consider the ranking and accreditation of the University, but also the Course Modules, Fee Structure, and the location of the university in order to check the affordability and student employment opportunities, if needed.