Welcome to the Embriture

We are a global independent educational consulting firm that specializes in providing student mentorship, career counselling, university admission guidance and academic/corporate trainings to international students and professionals.

Founded by an Indian couple who are UK graduates and residents of UAE, Embriture offers immaculate end to end services which help the students and professionals to foresee a career-oriented path.

The world is smart, trendy, digitalized and so we are. We operate virtually so our clients can benefit from our services at their fingertips. With a team of specialist educationalists, we fulfil the promises we make.


  • To cultivate and guide the holistic development of students, helping them to unlock their fullest potential through the empowerment of international higher education.
  • To bridge the gap between the academic and industrial world.


  • Preparing the next generation for a brighter future.

  • Guide and empower students seeking to realize their maximum potential.

  • Developing and educating the community we serve.

  • Providing efficient services to our clients around the world at their doorstep within a shorter turnaround time.

  • Valuing and respecting human rights no matter what culture or background.


  • Be a strong companion by offering guidance to all your educational queries.

  • Continue to transform your live by walking along with you in each step of your journey.

  • Value to our client’s career through individual career counseling and enhanced trainings.